Note: Interviews titled in RED contain potentially offensive language and content. Reader discretion is advised.

      MC Frontalot
      Jeff Rowland

A nine-sided die

03-22-04: Welcome to Instant Interview. After much waffling and yammering and he-hawing, I finally got the courage to ask a man I really admired for an interview. He said yes! Actually, lots of them do, but I actually got around to following it up quickly this time. MC Frontalot, internet rapper extraordinaire, hooked me up right proper. The interview in it's entirity is to your left, and be sure to send some feedback using the contact link. I (still) apologize for the banner ads and any popups; School and a new job are taxing my time and resources. Better hosting is yet to come.

03-25-04: Sweet Fancy Moses. Right off the bat, my most link-tastic interview yet. Jeffery Rowland of Wigu took some time to talk about rocking and/or rolling. Come watch as we drop names! The interview, as usual, is to your left. Hey, I can do this whole website thing! Rest of the site updated when it isn't 2 AM.